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Samba TV has Global Scale with Smart TV Brands

Global Scale with 24 Smart TV Brands

With 48 million addressable TV devices globally powering massive end-to-end viewership data and a household identity graph, Samba TV is transforming the viewing experience for everyone.

Innovative Technology and Data

Samba TV is powered by the company’s wholly-owned full tech stack, which includes a multi-source television panel that is 100 times larger than legacy measurement systems. We provide the leading omniscreen advertising and measurement solution in the market today, making Samba TV the industry’s trusted source of truth.

Introducing Picture Perfect℠ powered by Samba AI

See the announcement here. Coming soon to:

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100% Opt-in

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Easy Opt-out

Viewers can easily opt-out and erase their viewing history

Completely confidential

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Privacy compliant

Samba TV complies with all privacy laws