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By recognizing what’s on screen, Samba TV learns what you like, and connects you to the shows and actors you love.
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Our cross-screen technology allows brands to create advertising experiences reaching TV audiences in a whole new way.
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I truly believe that the future of TV is TV, and Samba will be one of the companies out front. I’m excited to be part of the Samba experience.
Mark Cuban, Mark Cuban Companies
We strive to be more connected and responsive to our audience. With live viewership insights from Samba we can actually inform our producers and sponsors how best to leverage the linear broadcast platform through real-time viewing feedback. Moreover, Samba offers a level of accuracy when dealing with smaller audience bases not achievable with other measurement alternatives.
Dan Suratt, EVP, Digital Media at A+E Networks
Samba TV puts unique, real-time metrics about viewership into our hands, giving us insights into what strategies are working best for our clients, across multiple platforms, including TV.
Michael Roth, Chairman + CEO of Interpublic