Privacy Center

Our Privacy Principles

We understand that your data belongs to you and no one else. At the heart of all Samba TV’s products and services is our commitment to protecting your data and giving you complete control over its use. This is why we handle your data with the same care we would expect our own data to be handled by adhering to the following principles:

Your Choice, Always

Samba TV’s relationship with the consumer starts with a clear-cut choice to use our services (or not), and flexible controls to change or tailor this choice at any time.

Transparency is Key

We are boldly transparent about how Samba TV and the consumer both benefit when you choose to opt in to our services.

Enabling the Perfect TV Experience

We only collect information that is necessary to enhance and improve your TV experience. As a result, we offer our products and services without requiring that consumers provide us with their name, phone number, home, email or work address.

We Protect your Data

Once a consumer has entrusted us with their data, we actively defend it with appropriate safeguards.

You are in Complete Control

We ensure our data processing and operations support your ability to access your data or have it deleted.