Bridge datasets in a cookieless world

Optimize campaigns and ensure you are ready for the future with Samba TV Identity

Embrace the Future with Samba TV Identity

Bridge datasets and optimize campaigns with accurate identity for the cookieless world 

Bridge datasets in a cookieless

Optimize campaigns and ensure you are ready for the
future with Samba TV Identity
Identity today

Unprepared for the changes with identity?

As mobile ID and cookies fade, advanced solutions are required for targeting and measurement. 

  • Lack of omniscreen identity in media hinders campaign performance
  • Shift towards cord-cutting is making modern TV measurement more challenging 
  • Firms struggle to match IDs across multiple datasets
Identity today

Have confidence in your identity solution

For years, Samba TV has leveraged a multi-identifier approach, using various types of digital identifiers as well as first party TV data. As a result, we can identify at 90%+ accuracy which phones, tablets, PCs, and TVs belong to an individual by using the SambaID identifier produced by our own proprietary identity platform.


Comprehensive Privacy

Privacy has always been a top priority for Samba TV Identity, which includes being GDPR/CCPA compliant and using data that is 100% consumer opt-in.

identity for advertisers

Advertisers can optimize campaigns with accurate omniscreen identity for the cookieless world

First-party data advantage

TVs with Samba’s ACR enabled are the anchor for identity in a household.

Understand connections

Samba TV Identity graph is 90%+ accurate with identifying digital devices to an individual.

Addressable campaigns

Align Linear TV, CTV, and digital advertising campaigns across devices.

Insights for optimization

Take action with omniscreen insights including reach, frequency, attribution, and more.

identity for publishers

Publishers maximize the value of their inventory across the consumer journey

Know your audience

Understand users with an accurate real-time private identity graph across devices and all properties.

Use first party TV data

Leverage the industry’s only independent and agnostic first-party TV data provider.

Easy matching

Publishers can easily share and match data, while adding TV insights to their ad solutions.

Integrate partner data

Easily connect with leading market research & data companies that are integrated into Samba Identity.

Identity for platforms

Measurement platforms can provide holistic solutions with identity resolution and industry-leading TV data

Enhance your data

Enrich your existing data solutions with the industry’s most accurate TV data.

Actionable Insights

Insights on the content viewers are watching such as TV shows, networks, and commercials.

Omniscreen attribution

Understand the user experience including ad engagement across the entire customer journey.

Future proof

Samba’s uses a multi-identifier approach and can adapt to ever-changing privacy regulations.

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