True Reach & Frequency

Access on-demand actionable insights for TV and digital campaign performance 

Bridge TV and Digital

Get a single, deduplicated view of reach and frequency for campaigns across linear TV, CTV, and digital devices to understand omniscreen performance

Advanced Optimization

24/7 dashboard access to insights on how to optimize reach and frequency for in-flight campaigns, and historical insights for planning future campaigns


Samba TV Solution

Viewership Fragmentation

Viewers consume content across different platforms and devices

• Deduplicated omniscreen measurement
• Verify incremental reach
• Understand targeting accuracy

Unreliable Data

Subpar data and tools lead to inaccurate targeting and measurement

• ACR-only data for measurement captures all TV content
• Measurement panel with millions of households
• Panel normalized to .01% delta compared to U.S. census

Campaign Inefficiencies

Spending on ads that reach people outside your target audiences, or oversaturate audiences with the same ad

• 90%+ identity accuracy on which digital devices belong to an individual
• Accurate data ensures fidelity with reach & frequency reporting
• Actionable insights allow for campaign optimization

Tap into the benefits of TRF measurement that uses the industry’s most comprehensive data

Frequency Optimization

Omniscreen frequency insights help optimize campaign by pinpointing where ad exposure efficiency declines

Incremental Reach

Access omniscreen reach insights, such as digital and CTV incremental reach over linear TV-only campaigns

Omniscreen Measurement

Understand which types of devices (TV, phone, tablet, PC), TV networks, or digital publishers your campaigns are pereforming best

Granular Insights

Filter down for advanced insights such as demographic (gender, ethnicity, age, income), or level of TV exposure (heavy viewers, cord-cutters, etc)

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