Target TV viewers on any device

Use our data to maximize reach, optimize frequency, and drive ROI from connected TV, linear TV & digital media

Target TV viewers on any device

Use our data to maximize reach, optimize frequency, and drive ROI from connected TV, linear TV & digital media

"Samba gave us the platform to reach our audience and stay top of mind"

Aina Bolstad, Senior Marketing Comms Manager, Microsoft

Boost campaign impact across screens

Data to maximize campaign impact across screens

Maximize TV viewer reach

Use our data to reach cord-cutters and other light TV viewers in your target audience.

Meaningful engagement

Deliver relevant ads to viewers’ phones, tablets, PCs, and CTV based on what they watch on TV.

Measurement & optimization

Actionable insights for digital and TV, including measuring reach, frequency, and conversions.

Buy where and how you want

Use Samba's comprehensive TV data to implement omniscreen campaigns on your preferred DSP or platform of choice.


24 Smart TV Brands

Samba partners with 24 Smart TV brands globally, which results in accurate, comprehensive data.


48 Million Smart TVs

Samba’s global footprint of addressable Smart TV devices with first-party viewership data.


111M Households

Samba reaches 111M households in the U.S., a large majority of total U.S. households


517M Devices

Samba reaches 517M targetable devices in the U.S. across CTV, mobile, and other digital screens

Activate a data-driven omniscreen campaign within minutes

Activate audiences with Samba’s comprehensive TV data using prebuilt PMPs or data segments
Implement omniscreen campaigns in a few minutes on your platform of choice
24/7 access to an easy-to-use, self-service interface with frequently refreshed audience data 
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Incremental reach

Drive incremental reach

Target TV audiences on their phone, tablet, PC, or CTV apps to deliver and measure incremental reach beyond your linear TV buys.

TV & digital sync

Sync TV & Digital

We know when TV ads are airing and can immediately identify who has seen or not seen the ad, while delivering relevant digital or CTV ads.

Competitive conquesting

Competitive conquesting

We identify households that are watching competitors’ ads, and enable you to target people in those households on their digital devices.

TV Tentpoles

Cost-effective TV tentpoles

Engage viewers of TV tentpoles, such as the Super Bowl and Oscars, on their digital devices in real-time without spending a fortune on a TV spot ad.

Connected TV

One stop to achieve scale

Drive incremental lift to linear by accessing inventory on over 1000 Connected TV apps, and target using Samba’s audience segments.

How Samba TV's Audience solutions work

Step 1

Our proprietary ACR is built into the chipset level of Smart TVs to understand what shows, commercials, games, and other content is being viewed in real-time.

Step 2

AI predicts what other households have watched, then our device map identifies digital devices for those households. Ads are then delivered in real-time to viewers’ phones, tablets, PCs, and CTV.

Step 3

Samba TV's independent measurement solutions provides advertisers to actionable insights on omniscreen campaign performance and enables in-flight optimization.

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