Modernize your ad sales monetization

An end-to-end solution for TV networks with accurate omniscreen TV data, audiences, and measurement

Challenges for TV networks in today's landscape

Gaps in linear + streaming

TV Networks are making ad inventory decisions based on legacy datasets that can't holistically capture both linear and streaming viewership insights.

Inefficient reach & frequency

TV Networks miss revenue opportunities due to the lack of insights on how consumers are watching their own content across platforms and devices.

Omniscreen inaccuracies

Deficiencies in accurately identifying and measuring viewership across screens makes it difficult to validate the true performance of media.

Hard-to-reach new viewers

With the rise in streaming viewership, it is more challenging to identify and reach new viewers outside of linear.

Samba for TV Networks

Maximize monetization for your inventory

Leverage industry leading independent first-party TV data with advertisers who want to target and measure omniscreen campaigns on your inventory.

Find new viewers for a TV show

Reach fans of similar TV linear or streaming shows, including targeting viewers that watch content with specific actors, directors, or show runners.

Omniscreen measurement

Measure TV show viewership and also prove the overall value of ad campaigns with cross-channel insights.

Make informed business decisions on content

Access insights on audience viewership for your shows, as well as competitors, in order to make informed decisions on content.

Powered By Data

Data solutions

TV Networks can integrate the industry’s most representative TV data into their own tools to understand viewership of their show or competitive shows, as well as cross-screen advertising performance.

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TV & Digital sync

Audience solutions

With the power of the Samba TV Advantage, TV Networks can easily identify key TV behavioral audiences and activate high value segments across screens to drive incremental reach.

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omniscreen insights

Measurement solutions

Samba TV independent measurement solutions enables TV Networks get insights on how linear and streaming shows are performing, as well as prove the overall value of cross-screen ad campaigns.

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"The integration between Samba and Google Campaign Manager has provided Turner an ability to validate media investment across the Google ecosystem"

Marie Hughes, SVP, Strategic Media Planning for Turner Media Group

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