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Challenges for TV Networks in today's landscape

Unrealized ad revenue

Missed revenue opportunities due to using obsolete identity solutions or a lack of TV viewership insights on their user base.

Hard to reach new viewers

With the rise in cord-cutting, it is more challenging to reach new viewers that fit a target profile.

Gaps in measurement

TV Networks are seeking a more complete measurement solution for all screens.

Low-quality TV data

Some TV Networks are using incomplete data, due to inherent biases from faulty sources such as single TV OEM vendors.

Samba TV for TV Networks

Maximize monetization for your inventory

Industry’s only independent first-party TV data provider enables Ad Sales teams the ability to target and measure campaigns across screens.

Find new viewers for a TV show

Reach fans of similar TV shows, including targeting viewers that watch content with specific actors, directors and show runners.

Enhance your tools by integrating quality data

Integrate household-level TV data for insights on how your show is performing, as well as understand campaign performance and attribution.

Leverage Samba TV data experts

TV Networks can tap into Samba’s team of experts for consultation on planning, campaign execution,  integration, and measurement.

Powered By Data

Data solutions

TV Networks can integrate the industry’s most representative TV data into their own tools to understand viewership of their show or competitive shows, as well as cross-screen advertising performance.

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TV & Digital sync

Audience solutions

Leveraging Samba’s proprietary technology, TV Networks can identify any type of TV viewer, engage them on a phone, tablet, PC, or TV, and guide them to tune-in to your show.

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"The integration between Samba and Google Campaign Manager has provided Turner an ability to validate media investment across the Google ecosystem"

Marie Hughes, SVP, Strategic Media Planning for Turner Media Group

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