Samba AI is driving innovative solutions for advertisers, publishers and TV manufacturers

Propelling the TV viewing and ad experience into the future

Samba AI for television manufacturers and publishers

Propel the TV viewing experience into the future

AI is here, and the Samba AI™ suite of AI and ML innovations provide TV data solutions that go beyond the ACR generation. Samba AI™ also unlocks new innovations for television manufacturers and publishers to create more immersive and tailored viewing experiences that transform the way consumers watch TV.

Enhance the viewing experience with immersive engagement

Samba AI Smart Screen provides viewers with an in-depth on-screen informational tile about the content currently playing to create a more interactive and immersive viewing experience.

Create content and ad experiences tailored to
consumer preferences

With Samba AI TV Genome, second-by-second on-screen metadata, such as actors, music, visual descriptions, and objects, is available in real-time for a deeper understanding of content playing to create contextually relevant ad experiences, ensure brand safety, and deliver personalized content recommendations.

AI-powered detection of your brand logo on TV

Samba AI provides detailed insights into when and how a brand's logo appears on TV, and then ties it to measurable outcomes. You can quantify the value of brand sponsorships, such as logo placements in stadiums, or create targeting segments for viewers exposed to your logo or your competitor's logo.

Experience all the
second-by-second action
with optimized picture quality

Leverage Samba AI Picture Perfect machine learning to detect whether the content on the screen is a movie, live sports, or a video game for an optimized viewing experience.

Connected TV

One stop to achieve scale

Drive incremental lift to linear by accessing inventory on over 1000 Connected TV apps, and target using Samba’s audience segments.

Three ways Samba TV data is creating a better viewing experience for everyone

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