Omniscreen holistic measurement

Currency-grade measurement using first party TV data to drive campaign optimization and outcomes

Omniscreen holistic measurement

Independent measurement using first-party TV data to drive campaign optimization and outcomes

Advertisers need actionable insights to make informed decisions for campaigns, and publishers need to prove the overall value of campaigns with cross-channel insights. Samba TV independent measurement solutions addresses these needs with the industry’s most comprehensive first-party TV data.

"Samba TV offers us a scale solution at a campaign level where we can now get deduplicated reach and frequency at a campaign level across endpoints like streaming and linear - which, frankly, hasn't happened up to this point."

Lisa Valentino - EVP of Client Solutions and Addressable Enablement for Disney Ad Sales

How is TV viewership measured? World-class measurement requires world-class data.

First Party Data

Samba’s uses ACR-only data for measurement panels as our industry-leading data captures all content such as streaming, unlike set-top box data powered panels.

Representative Panel

Samba’s measurement panel with millions of households is normalized to have between a .00003% and .01% delta compared to U.S. census for gender, ethnicity, age & income.

Bridge TV and Digital

Samba’s identity graph powers deduplicated omniscreen measurement, and identifies with 90%+ accuracy which digital devices belong to an individual.

Full Tech Stack

Samba owns our own ACR, identity graph, and panel which helps ensure measurement accuracy due to minimal data loss as well as accurate frequency counting across devices.

Understand true reach and frequency across screens.

Get a single deduplicated view of the reach and frequency across CTV, digital, and linear, empowering you with actionable insights that increase campaign ROI.

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Insights on who’s watching with Verified Tune-in Rate studies.

Samba tracks exposure of audiences to TV and digital ads, and provides insights on those audiences including if they watched a TV show after seeing a tune-in ad campaign.

Are users taking your preferred actions? Find out with outcomes based insights.

Understand campaign impact with key metrics such as online conversions, online purchases, and in-store visits.

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