Maximize inventory monetization

Understand TV viewing behavior for your users, and drive new users to your platform

Challenges for publishers with modern consumer behaviors

Siloed TV & Digital Data

Social and digital platforms are missing out on ad sales revenue due to an inability to effectively integrate accurate TV data with their digital data.

Unrealized Ad Revenue

Publishers are missing revenue opportunities due to the lack of insights on how consumers watch TV across platforms and devices.

Difficulty Validating Performance

Social and digital platforms are struggling to prove the success of campaigns running on their platforms due to a lack of attribution data across platforms.

Losing Users

With so many competitive options for online content consumption, user retention is a challenge.

Samba TV for Publishers

TV viewership insights on your users

Increase value of publisher inventory for advertisers by providing TV viewership insights on users.

Flexible omniscreen Identity solution

Increase audience coverage and CPMs with accurate omniscreen viewership data.

Independent Measurement

Access campaign performance insights on reach & frequency, conversions, and more.

Find new users or retain current users

Drive user growth by identifying what users are watching on TV, and send ads to their digital devices.

Powered By Data

Data solutions

Publishers can integrate the industry’s most representative TV data into their own tools to understand what their website users watch on TV, as well as access insights on cross-screen advertising performance.

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Omniscreen insights

Measurement solutions

Samba TV's independent measurement solutions enables publishers to prove the overall value of cross-screen ad campaigns.

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TV & Digital Sync

Audience solutions

Leveraging Samba’s proprietary technology, publishers can identify any type of TV viewer, and engage them with ads on their phone, tablet, PC, or TV.

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“Using high-quality data sources, like Samba, to help us identify readers who engage in specific behavior is becoming a valuable enhancement to our strategies for finding the right people on BuzzFeed."

Josh Peters, Buzzfeed, Director of Data Partnerships

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