The TV landscape is changing

Integrate Samba TV's independent first-party data into your tools for a global source of truth
Boost campaign impact across screens

End-to-end tech stack that is owned by Samba TV

TV chipset level ACR

ACR integrated into TVs for real-time content recognition including linear, VOD, OTT & video games.

Precise device identity

Identity graph identifies which TVs, phones, tablets, and PCs belong to specific households.

Real-time TV ad schedule

Captures content from top 100 US TV networks to know where and when ads air on TV.

Non-biased large panel

Samba’s panel of millions of households is normalized to be representative of a country's population.

Samba TV has Global Scale with Smart TV Brands

High quality, representative data

Samba is the industry’s largest independent 1st party TV data provider, and doesn’t have the limitations of walled gardens. We gather insights from 24 Smart TV brands from countries around the world. As a result, Samba provides access to accurate behavioral insights for linear TV, cord cutters, and all other types of viewers.

Ad schedules for top 100 national networks

Direct capture of TV content and ad schedules for top national and local networks in the US

Coverage for all 210 DMAs in the US

Granular insights from countries around the world, including all the TV markets in the US.

477k monthly hours of programming

Samba tracks all types of content on the TV screen including unique linear, VOD, OTT & video games.

26M monthly commercial airings

Comprehensive tracking of TV commercial airings with the industry’s best ad schedule.

Accurate TV insights

Samba’s independent first party TV data enables advertisers to measure cross-screen campaigns without the limitations that hinder walled garden TV data vendors. This enables Samba to provide an accurate deduplicated view of reach and frequency, as well as attribution insights for TV tune-in, website traffic, location visits, and more.

Understand true reach and frequency across screens

Get a single de-duplicated view of the reach and frequency across both TV & digital, allowing you to optimize campaigns in-flight.

Easy-to-use dashboard, so you can log-in on demand 24/7 for real-time insights on cross-screen reach and frequency.

Attribution solutions to measure business outcomes

Broadcast Conversion Rate

Understand campaign impact with key metrics on brand awareness, purchase intent, and online/offline conversions such as purchases and in-store visits.

Verified Tune-in Rate

Samba tracks exposure of tune-in ads (TV and digital), and analyzes the viewership of people exposed to the ad in order to gauge effectiveness of cross-screen campaigns.

Visualization Dashboard

Access attribution insights for campaign performance anytime on-demand with our easy-to-use dashboard.

Powererd by Data

Industry leaders use our independent first party data

Samba enables the ecosystem by powering TV viewership insights
for industry-leading brands, agencies, publishers, and measurement firms.

How partners use Data


Measure lift in TV tune-in based on advertising across Google Marketing Platform.

Catalina and Samba provide insights on how all advertising channels are driving lift and in-store purchases.

Kantar Millward Brown and Samba TV make it possible for marketers to track brand lift insights from TV ads.

Marketers can measure lift for TV tune-in from Twitter ad campaigns.


How can your firm use Samba TV data?

Contact Samba TV to learn how your business can enhance your marketing analytics tools by integrating privacy compliant, high-quality TV data.

"Incorporating Samba TV's rich insights directly into our Planner tool streamlines omnichannel media buys for our clients"

Brian Stempeck, Chief Strategy Officer, TheTradeDesk

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