Targeting and Measurement Solutions for Political Advertisers

Leverage the power of TV data in 2024 with data-driven political audience targeting and cross-platform measurement solutions

Accurate Targeting is Complicated

Viewers are watching TV shows across various platforms and devices, so engaging target audiences is getting more complex.


Subscribe to Linear TV

Only 1 in 3 Gen-Z and 4 in 10 Hispanics have traditional linear TV



90% of millennials stream content on their devices


Subscription Cycle

1/3 US adults have cycled in the past 6 months - 2/3rds plan to this year


Multitask while Watching TV

1 in 3 consumers shop online while watching TV

Political Audience Insights

Viewers are watching TV shows across various platforms and devices, so engaging target audiences is getting more complex.


90% of linear TV ads reached only 55% of households in a 2020 battleground Senate race


Less than half of undecided or dissatisfied voters get their news from broadcast or cable TV networks


Fewer than one-third of undecided and dissatisfied voters say that they trust the news they see on broadcast or cable networks


Younger voter are less likely to see political ads (46% of Gen Z and millennials each reported that they see “a lot” or “some” political ads)

Data-Driven Political Audience Targeting

Samba TV provides fast, flexible, and scalable audience-targeting solutions to drive reach and influence voter decisions for local and national elections.


24-hour turnaround on custom political audience creation ensures the most up-to-date targeting ready for activation


Segments available for immediate activation across major political DSPs and social platforms like Facebook, X, and Instagram


Daily refreshed audience segments allow you to target political audiences at scale on the local, national, or DMA-level

Targeting Use Cases

Samba is able to create audiences based on ad exposure or program viewership as soon as the day after air to meet your campaign strategy needs.


Target voters that have been exposed to your competitor’s ads

Incremental Reach

Target unexposed linear voters across CTV, Digital, and Social

Right-Now Audiences

Reach voters who watched last night's debate and more

Pre-built Audiences Ready to Activate Now

Samba TV gives political advertisers off-the-shelf audiences to reach voters based on the type of content they consume.

New Political Audience Segments & PMPs

Convervative News Viewers

  • Light Conservative News Viewers
  • Heavy Conservative News Viewers

Liberal News Viewers

  • Light Liberal News Viewers
  • Heavy Liberal News Viewers

Bipartisan News Viewers

Political News Nevers

Political Debate Viewers

Political Ad Exposure Audience Segments

Government, Politics, and Social Ad Exposure

  • Animal Welfare
  • Charity/Non-profit Organizations
  • Government Services
  • Healthcare & Awareness
  • Military
  • Politics & Elections
  • Social Issues

TV News Network Affinity Segments

  • FOX News Network Viewers
  • CNN Network Viewers
  • MSNBC Network Viewers
  • CNBC Network Viewers
  • PBS Network Viewers

Custom near Real-Time Political Audiences

Timing is key during competitive political races. Keep up with potential voters with customized targeting optimizations to maximize reach and votes.

  • Custom audiences built on ad exposures occurring as recent as the previous day
  • Retarget audiences who consumed live political programming from the night before
  • Audience targeting granularity down to 210 DMAs, (subject to scale limitations)
  • 365/90/60/30 and 7-day custom lookback windows for
  • Custom audiences scaled at the DMA, state, or national levels

Holistically Measure Across TV and Digital

Optimize political campaigns in-flight with insights on deduplicated reach, frequency, conversions, and more.


Cross-screen insights for reach and frequency and other outcomes


ACR-only measurement panel with millions of households. 100X larger than Nielsen’s panel


Gender, ethnicity, age, and income data normalized to .00003% and .01% delta compared to U.S. census


Samba TV Supports Campaign Measurement (pending feasibility) at the DMA-level for Political Campaigns

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