Omniscreen Measurement & Optimization

We are the next-generation of media measurement built on first-party data, integrating currency-grade metrics with the platforms you need to drive optimization and superior outcomes.

Independent currency-grade measurement for reach & frequency, tune-in, and conversion outcomes

First Party Data

Samba’s uses ACR-only data for measurement panels as our industry-leading data captures all content such as streaming, unlike set-top box data powered panels.

Representative Panel

Samba’s measurement panel with millions of households is normalized to have between a .00003% and .01% delta compared to U.S. census for gender, ethnicity, age & income.

Bridge TV and Digital

Samba’s identity graph powers deduplicated omniscreen measurement, and identifies with 90%+ accuracy which digital devices belong to an individual.

Full Tech Stack

Samba owns our own ACR, identity graph, and panel which helps ensure measurement accuracy due to minimal data loss as well as accurate frequency counting across devices.

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The only Smart TV data used by all of these partners:

Your source of truth for TV

Representative data

24 Smart TV brand partnerships result in unbiased, high-quality data

Omniscreen measurement

Holistically measure & optimize Connected TV, Linear TV, Digital and Social

Optimize reach & frequency

Boost reach or boost frequency, activating your brand across every screen for your target audience

Privacy focus

GDPR and CCPA compliant, 100% consumer opt-in data

Complete omniscreen solution with first-party data

Exclusive first-party data

Samba’s ACR is integrated at the chipset level of TVs, capturing first-party data that is 100% opt-in and privacy compliant.

Identity resolution without cookies

Samba’s identity graph identifies, with 90%+ accuracy, which digital devices belong to specific individuals without using cookies or mobile IDs.

Automatic tracking for every TV ad

Samba tracks TV ads directly from top linear networks and OTT providers to know exactly where and when your ads or a competitor’s ads are airing.

Large, non-biased, representative panel

Samba’s scaled panel has millions of households which are normalized and curated to be representative of the US census.


Industry’s most Smart TV brands with ACR Integration


Addressable TV devices globally from which Samba pulls data


Samba-tracked commercial airings per month

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