212NYC's Understanding TV Today Webinar


Becky Calejo
Associate Director of Marketing
Aug 27, 2020

Television continues to be in a state of flux, forcing advertisers to pivot their TV and digital strategies across numerous complex and fragmented tactics like addressable TV, online video, social platforms, and more.

While TV remains an effective strategy for influencing the masses, advertisers have always struggled with accurately measuring the reach and frequency of their campaigns. Without reliable measurement, marketers can miss key reach and frequency insights, waste budget on inefficient campaigns, and misattribute performance metrics, skewing their understanding of what’s really moving the needle.

In this 212 webinar, presented by Samba TV and Anheuser-Busch, hear how advertisers are overcoming these measurement challenges with modern and effective solutions. We’ll cover:

– How the pandemic has prioritized the need to understand cross-platform reach and frequency

– Anheuser-Busch’s learning agenda for OTT and the tools that solved their challenges

– Opportunities with CTV for driving incremental reach

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