Marketing Optimization In The New Normal


Becky Calejo
Associate Director of Marketing
Jun 30, 2021

Samba TV's Managing Director of Custom Solutions and Innovation, Ryan King, was invited to be a panelist on Sigmoid's live webinar, "Marketing Optimization in the New Normal," on June 30th to discuss the effectiveness of marketing analytics. The panel was moderated by Ken Mallon, President at Mallon Advisory Services, and featured guest panelists, Rahul Singh, Chief Analytics Officer and Co-Founder at Sigmoid, Steven Millman, Senior Vice President, Global Research & Operations at Dynata, and Jeevan Kumar Ramakrishna, Director Data Science at Zynga.

Webinar Description: Despite prioritizing investments in marketing data and analytics, more than 50% of chief marketing officers report that the effect of analytics on company-wide performance remains modest. With continuing constraints on marketing budgets, there is no room for waste or inefficiency, so marketers urgently need to measure real outcomes to maximize ROI.

Powered by advances in machine learning, marketing analytics delivers more bottom-line impact with each passing year. It enables organizations to improve the targeting of ads and other content, optimize their ad spend through advanced marketing attribution, increase customer lifetime value, reduce churn, and more. This complimentary webinar recording draws from the experience of marketing leaders to reveal the key elements that will help raise the effectiveness of marketing analytics.

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