Recap of Samba TV at CES 2018


Corey Rice
Content Marketing Strategist
Jan 16, 2018

CES plays an central role in Samba TV’s origin story, dating back to our first year participating in 2009 and then in 2012 when Samba (then called Flingo) caught the attention of Mark Cuban on the CES floor. Cuban was wowed by the technology’s potential and ultimately became an early Samba TV investor. Fast-forward to CES 2018 – Samba TV was honored to kick-off the C-Space Storytellers segment, and share the stage with the likes of Google, IBM, Facebook, Spotify, Disney, Oath and more. We also unveiled our biggest product reveal yet!

C-Space Storytellers

Samba TV Co-founder and CEO Ashwin Navin opened the C-Space segments with an overview of focus points for this year’s Storytellers discussion: Machine Learning and AI, Original Programming, and Data/Analytics Transparency. Check out the full video here featuring Ashwin’s introduction, along with the discussion between Neil Patrick Harris and Cody Willard.

CES 2018 proved the future of media and advertising is unfolding quicker than ever, while brands, agencies and broadcasters are scrambling to better-understand what’s happening with TV viewers: decades-old measurement and buying tools are rapidly becoming incomplete; the paradigm of original content has completely shifted (Netflix will spend nearly $8B on original content in 2018); the personalization of ads and content is replacing a one-size-fits all model.

Samba TV Reveal – Audience Platform

We’ve heard our clients, partners and industry leaders loud and clear – and this year Samba’s big reveal was our TV Audience Platform: a simple and intuitive interface that puts the power of Samba TV’s industry-leading viewership data in your hands. Discover where your audiences are on television, including broadcast, cable, OTT, streaming and even video games. Then target those audiences across all screens programmatically by activating Samba’s TV viewership segments in your DSP.

We believe the best approach to data-based buying is abundance of choice, transparency and options, which is exactly what we’ve built into Audience Platform.

“Without using precise TV data to complete the picture of today’s modern viewer, marketers are facing a ‘viewer insights gap.’ More than 400 of the world’s largest advertisers have turned to Samba’s leading Sync & Retarget solution to connect with these ‘Unreachables’ and now, with the launch of the Samba TV Audience Platform, we have made TV audiences even more accessible to marketers than ever before.”

– Ashwin Navin, Samba TV Co-founder and CEO

TV Data Interaction (“The Wall”)

In addition to the launch of Audience Platform, Samba TV’s booth at CES was focused on TV data interaction represented in our Data Wall where visitors were able to interact with Samba’s viewership data through three lenses:

1) Audience Discovery  – Uncover the top networks and programs for a custom audience target such as SUV intenders. Use Audience Discovery to inform Upfront planning, partner negotiations and content identification.

2) Audience Amplification  – Activate programmatic Samba TV data segments via your DSP of choice and understand HH-level audience attributes. Leverage more than 2,800 attributes based on our core TV viewership data set.

3) Proprietary visual ACR technology that powers Samba’s Audience Platform. We’re capturing second-by-second viewership data from 13.5MM opt-in US households which feeds into the largest TV data capture footprint in the industry, owned and controlled by Samba TV.

Thank you to everyone who joined us at CES 2018 and we look forward to seeing you again in 2019!

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