Samba TV Viewership Analysis shows Super Bowl LIV was one of the most watched games in history


Jeffrey Silverman, PhD
Director, Data Science & Analytics
Feb 3, 2020

Did you watch the Chiefs pull an amazing comeback over the 49ers on Sunday? If so, you were one of the 38M households in the US that made it one of the most-watched Super Bowls of all time. After a 15% YOY decline in 2019, the 12% increase in 2020 shows there was more excitement for this year’s game.

Based on Samba’s proprietary ACR technology sourced from 14.4M opt-in US households, our data scientists analyzed second-by-second viewership for the pregame, postgame, and everything in-between. Samba’s Super Bowl insights report assesses viewership highs and lows, and whether advertisers scored big or fumbled. This includes measuring viewership for the top-25 metro areas (plus Kansas City) to uncover some intriguing insights.

A few examples of Samba TV’s analysis:

  • Even though Tom Brady and the Patriots weren’t in the game this year, the amount of Super Bowl viewers in Boston was +15.5% over the national average. This was actually more viewership on average compared to Kansas City (+8.7%) and San Francisco (+3.8%).
  • Another team that experienced victory yesterday was the duo of J.Lo and Shakira. Their halftime show drew over 30M US households, a 22% increase over Maroon 5’s performance last year.

Want answers to other questions such as how many viewers watched Donald Trump’s interview in FOX’s pre-game show? Or, how many viewers watched the Puppy Bowl? Our Super Bowl analysis has all the viewership insights you need to understand how viewers watched the full FOX broadcast, as well as the brands and commercials that aired on television’s biggest stage. Download the report to get the following insights, and much more:

  • Minute-by-minute viewership numbers
  • Which brands had the most commercial presence
  • The programs viewers tuned-away to during halftime
  • The programs viewers tuned into before and after the game

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