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Samba TV methodology

Samba TV gathers viewership data via its proprietary Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology from tens of millions of opted-in Smart TVs. Samba TV’s ACR is integrated at the chipset level across 24 of the top Smart TVs sold in more than 100 countries globally and captures content that crosses the TV screen, regardless of source. This results in unbiased, comprehensive viewership insights from around the world.

As is standard industry practice, Samba TV analyzes the large proprietary dataset to project household-level TV viewership utilizing its research panel of more than 3M smart TVs, balanced and weighted to the U.S. Census across age, gender, ethnicity, and household income. By contrast, Samba TV’s panel is nearly 80x larger than the legacy industry model and is aligned to the US census by 0.03%.

Samba TV does not estimate viewership on non-TV devices such as mobile phones. Samba TV measures at the household level, and does not extrapolate to the individual viewer.

Leadership headshots & bios

Ashwin Navin
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Farrow
Chief Financial Officer

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