Reach Cord Cutters and Measure TV Boost This Holiday Season


Marc Bourget
Head of Audience Products
Dec 5, 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

…Or is it? For many advertisers, the holidays can be a struggle to engage target audiences. Advertisers are continuing to use broadcast TV to reach the masses to promote their products. However, advertisers are struggling to adjust to the new realities, such as broadcast television ratings continuing to dip as seen with the viewership decline during the 2019 Fall Premiere Week

Houston, We Have a Fragmentation Problem

Part of the reason for declining ratings is consumers are cord-cutting, including shifting away from traditional TV towards viewing through Connected TVs (CTV), Video on Demand, and more. 77% of US households watched through CTV in 2019*, and this is expected to grow in the coming years. Advertiser budgets for traditional linear TV is still 30% of all media spend*, but this is expected to decline as viewership continues to change.

As we begin Cyber Week, here are some challenges advertisers are currently dealing with:

  • How to effectively scale holiday campaigns when much of their target audience is no longer watching traditional TV
  • How to cut through the clutter to engage target audiences that are being inundated with thousands of holiday ad messages each day
  • How to effectively integrate CTV into campaigns, considering that there is limited inventory and high CPM’s for CT
  • How to optimize campaign spend when there is a lack of reporting insights, especially for understanding reach and frequency between digital and TV-only campaigns 

Maximize Reach and Engagement with Holiday TV Viewers

Samba TV is bringing holiday cheer by helping advertisers address these challenges. With the most Smart TV brand integrations in the industry, advertisers can leverage high quality TV data to deliver ads to elusive audiences on their phones, tablets, PCs, or connected TVs. This includes using Samba’s 400+ synthetic segments, as well as customized segments, to target cord cutters on over 1000 CTV apps. 

Here are a few ways advertisers can engage Holiday TV viewers: 

  • TV Boost: Samba’s TV audience dataset covers most of the US TV universe, allowing advertisers to engage the majority of the target audience, including the ability to drive incremental reach beyond their holiday linear TV buy.  
  • Synchronize TV & Digital: With the world’s most complete commercial schedule for national and local stations, Samba knows when holiday TV ads are airing, can immediately identify who has seen-or-not-seen the ad, and can serve relevant digital ads in real-time (ex: viewers second-screening during commercials).
  • Tentpoles: Holiday parades, college bowl games, and other tentpoles are expensive for advertisers to buy through traditional TV ads. Samba’s audience targeting solutions allows advertisers to engage the same viewers on their addressable digital devices. 
  • Competitive Conquesting: Samba identifies households that are watching competitors’ holiday ads, and enables advertisers to target people in those households on their phones, tablets, PCs, and CTVs.

Measure Digital Boost Over a TV-only Campaign

Now that the holidays are in full swing, advertisers who want to boost their end of year campaigns can use Samba for all of their activation, optimization, and measurement needs. TV Boost, our new cross-channel activation solution, merges Samba’s audience segments with our extensive CTV inventory, providing unparalleled digital reach beyond broadcast TV buys. We’re also excited to announce our Audience Performance Report, the only report in the industry that can measure the incremental reach and frequency of digital campaigns compared to TV-only campaigns. This complimentary report extends beyond impressions, completion rates, and click-through-rates to provide advertisers with actionable insights to optimize future campaigns. 

Happy Holidays!

As the industry’s only provider offering all of these capabilities under one roof, we understand that reliable targeting and measurement is imperative for maximizing campaign ROI. Make this holiday season the best one yet with Samba TV, the one source for TV truth.

*eMarketer July, 2019

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