Samba TV 2019 Tune-in Summit Recap


Becky Calejo
Associate Director of Marketing
May 29, 2019

Last week, Samba TV was honored to host our annual Tune-in Summit at the Kimpton Everly Hotel in Hollywood. Leaders from across the entertainment industry gathered to learn about the challenges tune-in marketers face in today’s complex and fragmented media landscape, and the data-driven solutions that are helping them succeed.

Samba CEO and Co-founder Ashwin Navin kicked-off the event by discussing the concept of an “attention economy”, which proposes that the most important currency entertainment marketers can transact on is a consumer’s limited time. The twenty-four hours we are allotted each day are non-negotiable, and roughly two-thirds of that time is spent working or sleeping. Tune-in marketers are tasked with influencing how consumers decide to spend those remaining valuable personal hours — which are increasingly devoted to consuming video.

Ashwin Navin

Dan Ackerman (Chief Revenue Officer) followed with an overview of insights and trends that Samba TV is seeing within the tune-in landscape. Television viewership is at a crossroads of profound and inevitable change, which we’ve already experienced in other similar industries; music, for example, rapidly evolved from corporate-controlled CDs to highly-personalized subscription streaming services (can anyone name the last platinum album?).

In 2019, it’s widely accepted that the TV viewer is 100% in control – they decide where, when and how video content is viewed. Tune-in marketers must pivot to meet this new normal of time-shifting, cord cutting, OTT streaming and fragmentation by embracing the advanced tools, tactics and technology available to influence viewers.

Dan Ackerman

This was followed by a fireside chat with Morgan Johnson (Manager, Brand Strategy, Tune-In) and Joanna Goldblatt (Head of Industry, Platforms – Google) that stressed the importance of understanding the audience information that’s available to tune-in marketers in the face of disruption, and how to apply that information to an effective media strategy.

Google partners with Samba TV to measure the effectiveness of tune-in strategy and provide deep insights on which components of a media campaign are moving the needle on actual viewership. The discussion also highlighted how measuring reach and frequency is critical for identifying the point of diminishing returns on driving tune-in ROI — excess frequency turns to media waste; accurate measurement helps tune-in marketers convert that waste into incremental reach gains.

Joanna Goldblatt & Morgan Johnson

Samba TV data scientist Dr. Joshua Miller (Director, Data Analytics) delivered a presentation on the process of applying machine learning to TV data. Samba’s data science team has spearheaded the expansion of audience targeting and measurement panel precision through machine learning, which has a direct impact on tune-in marketers looking to increase reach, target potential viewers at scale, and accurately analyze tune-in campaign results. (Also – we’re hiring!)

Dr. Joshua Miller

Ryan King (Director of Innovation) led a presentation which outlined an advanced approach for measuring tune-in campaign performance. Samba TV’s Verified Tune-in Rate is the industry standard that broadcasters and networks leverage to understand which variables of a cross-screen tune-in campaign are driving lift and ROI. Additionally, the presentation highlighted how tune-in marketers have the tools to determine when potential viewers are either being over-saturated or under-served, and how to optimize cross-screen campaigns to find the optimal frequency level while also gaining incremental reach.

Ryan King

The afternoon’s second fireside chat featured Randi Barshack (Chief Marketing Officer) and DJ Capobianco (Manager, Research – Twitter). Twitter is also a targeting and measurement parter of Samba TV, which underscores the impact that second-screens have on tune-in strategy. The discussion centered around social tactics that tune-in marketers can employ to reach viewers of tentpole events, cord cutters, their competitors and other key TV audiences.

Randi Barshack & DJ Capobianco

Thank you to all our partners and clients who joined us at the 2019 Tune-In Summit. As always, Samba’s goal is to continue innovating and evolving to help our tune-in partners succeed in today’s fragmented and complex TV landscape. We hope you took away a deeper understanding of viewership trends, and found the event both interesting and impactful.

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