Samba TV Analysis: 2019 Emmys


Jim Tarr
Head of Marketing
Sep 25, 2019

Live TV tentpole events are one of the last remaining options for brands to reach a mass television audience. Despite a drop in viewership from last year, The Emmy Awards continue to draw high viewership despite a lack of age and ethnic diversity within its audience. This year’s Emmys were in direct competition with Sunday Night Football, which impacted viewership rates considerably.Get Samba TV’s analysis for the Emmy Awards including:

  • Year over year viewership
  • Geographic trends across the top metro areas
  • Insights on what Emmys "defectors" watched instead of the broadcast
  • Cable news alignment of Emmys viewers
  • What Emmys viewers were watching before, during and after the broadcast

Advertisers looking to reach Emmys and other tentpole awards show viewers can activate these Samba TV programmatic data segments in their DSP of choice:(Samba TV > Genres > Awards Shows)(Samba TV > Premium > TV Tentpoles > Emmy Awards)

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