Samba TV Summit UK: Solving the Reach/Frequency Challenge


Becky Calejo
Associate Director of Marketing
Aug 5, 2019

At our recent Samba TV Summit in London, we polled the audience of more than fifty media industry professionals with the question: “What is your biggest challenge today?” 

The responses came back loud and clear: Measurement

Budgets and strategies are being spread across an increasingly fragmented media landscape, and data-driven targeting allows for segmentation of audiences at a high degree of granularity. Accurate measurement of these fragmented strategies – particularly de-duplicated reach/frequency – is causing a pain point for modern marketers that need to understand where they are either over-saturating or under-serving potential customers. 

Samba TV’s True Reach & Frequency Solution

When measurement of TV and digital ad exposure is siloed, the results are skewed and advertisers get imprecise reach/frequency metrics that not only have a negative impact on campaign performance but also create waste:

Ken Mallon (SVP of Measurement Sciences) presented an overview of Samba TV’s new Quantify solution that is launching in the UK: True Reach & Frequency which provides a single de-duplicated view of reach/frequency across TV and digital. 

The cornerstone is a normalized, balanced and projectable research panel that matches the country census – a process Samba is able to execute due to the diversity of our multiple smart TV partners. Samba TV’s cross-device research panel for the UK is 50x-100x larger than traditional television measurement panels, and allows Samba to match and measure reach/frequency with statistical significance. 

Samba’s True Reach & Frequency solution gives advertisers the ability to identify exactly when linear television’s incremental reach begins to level-off, and where digital campaigns leveraging TV data can be activated to improve cumulative reach against the target audience. Additional features include reach/frequency insights broken-out by creative messages, digital partners and TV networks. 

Panel: TV Strategies For The Modern Marketer

Hitesh Bhatt (RVP, Client Partnerships EMEA) moderated a panel discussion featuring Bobi Carley (Head of Media – ISBA), Amir Malik (Digital Marketer – Accenture Interactive), Martin Radford (Business Director – Ebiquity) and Matt Hill (Director of Research & Planning – Thinkbox).

The panelists confirmed what advertisers are rapidly trying to address – the fact that television is in a state of significant flux, and key demographic audiences (18-34) are declining while costs are increasing. As a result, agencies and brands are left scrambling to pivot their TV and digital strategies across many tactics: BVOD, online video, addressable TV and social platforms. 

And while TV remains an effective strategy for mass reach, the gaps in measurement across all screens makes it difficult to understand what is moving the needle on performance.  

“At this moment we’re at a point where everyone is [measuring] things differently.

Agencies are trying to find their individual solutions to this problem”

– Bobi Carley

Elusive But Not Impossible

Viewers are 100% in control of how, when and where they consume content, but TV data is the connective tissue that allows marketers to target and measure elusive TV audiences that are watching outside of linear or ad-supported platforms. 

The additional of True reach & Frequency gives brands and advertisers a critical tool to ensure they are meeting these measurement challenges with a modern and effective solution. 

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