Targeting Strategies for Summer TV Viewers


Corey Rice
Content Marketing Strategist
May 31, 2019

Winter is gone and summer is quickly approaching – seasonal shifts in viewing habits and content schedules should be taken into account as advertisers adjust targeting strategies for summer TV audiences. The combination of flexibility and scale positions TV data at the center of an effective cross-screen media plan that ensures advertisers are reaching viewers regardless of where, when and how they’re consuming content during the summer months.

Samba can Amplify your brand to TV viewers across all screens with granular targeting capabilities, and provide precise attribution measurement of real-world business outcomes and de-duplicated Reach/Frequency analysis. See our recommendations below and activate these Summer TV audience segments in your DSP of choice:

Reality TV

More than fifty reality programs are scheduled to air this summer, and the mega-popular genre consistently places in the top-ten for overall HH reach:

  • Samba TV > Genres > TV Talent Shows
  • Samba TV > Genres > Reality TV Addicts
  • Samba TV > Genres > Reality TV Addicts > Dating
  • Samba TV > Genres > Reality TV Addicts > True Crime
  • Samba TV > Genres > Reality TV Addicts > Competitions

Travel & Home Improvement

These categories naturally resonate with summer TV viewers that are transitioning to warm weather, upcoming vacations and DIY projects:

  • Samba TV > Genres > Travel TV Shows
  • Samba TV > Premium > TV Networks > HGTV
  • Samba TV > Genres > Home Improvement TV Viewers

Summer Sports

Sports fans gravitate to baseball, tennis and golf during the summer months – these televised games and matches draw live viewers which offer advertisers an opportunity to reach fans at scale:

  • Samba TV > Premium > TV Tentpoles > US Open
  • Samba TV > Premium > TV Tentpoles > Wimbledon
  • Samba TV > Sports TV Enthusiasts > Golf TV Viewers
  • Samba TV > Sports TV Enthusiasts > Tennis TV Viewers
  • Samba TV > Sports TV Enthusiasts > Baseball TV Viewers

Daytime & Family TV

School’s out and summer schedules are less hectic which translates to more engagement with family-oriented content and daytime television:

  • Samba TV > Genres > Game Show
  • Samba TV > Genres > Soap Operas
  • Samba TV > Genres > Daytime Talk Shows
  • Samba TV > Dayparts > Daytime TV Viewers
  • Samba TV > Genres > Family TV Programming

Elusive TV Audiences

Perhaps the biggest challenge for advertisers is reaching summer TV viewers that are off the grid such as Cord Cutters and OTT/Streamers. Take an advanced approach powered by ACR technology to identify and target these elusive TV audiences:

  • Samba TV > Premium > Cord Cutters
  • Samba TV > Viewing Behavior > OTT Streamers
  • Samba TV > Viewing Behavior > Light TV Viewers
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