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October 16, 2023

Samba TV Announces Exclusive Integration of Affinity Solutions’ Deterministic Purchase Media Metrics to Usher in the Next Generation of Advertising Measurement and Activation


Real-time viewership linked directly to consumer purchase data unlocks unparalleled advertising performance

NEW YORK, October 16, 2023 Samba TV, the leading provider of TV technology for audience data and omniscreen measurement, today announced the integration of Affinity Solutions’ Purchase Media Metrics (PMMTM) data to exclusively empower brands and advertisers with cross-platform measurement of return on ad spend (ROAS) and actionable targeting solutions. 

The partnership will leverage Samba TV’s first-party data from tens of millions of opted-in televisions, across more than 20 TV brands sold in over 100 countries, to provide advertisers and media companies a unified view of the entire consumer journey, from TV to digital to commerce - online or offline. By combining Samba TV’s robust viewership data with Affinity Solutions’ PMMTM data set, derived from comprehensive deterministic purchase data capturing over 140 million credit and debit cards, the joint solution bridges the gap between TV viewership and actual buying habits. 

This unique partnership enables advertisers to target with unmatched precision, engaging not just with TV audiences exposed to specific ads or programs, but validated buyers to maximize campaign ROAS. 

“Historically, advertisers had limited visibility into their ad investments' true value,” said Samba TV Chief Commercial Officer Aden Zaman. “Combining Samba TV data with Affinity Solutions data is game-changing. By aligning media strategies with actual purchase and viewing behaviors, we're ensuring every ad dollar creates impact and drives measurable results.” 

This exclusive integration leverages Samba TV’s Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology, giving advertisers access to real-time viewership data to aid brands and agencies with a seamless dataset to segment audiences by a unique combination of viewership and purchase behavior. The collaboration signifies a transformative shift in advertising, underscoring the power of business-based outcomes like purchase-informed targeting to elevate TV campaign impact. 

“The ever-evolving landscape of consumer behavior, compounded by the surge in cross-screen viewership, necessitates an evolution beyond traditional demographics," said Affinity Solutions Chief Business and Marketing Officer Damian Garbaccio. "Today’s advertisers need insight into comprehensive audience viewing patterns, spending tendencies, and passions across diverse channels. By integrating what people watch with what they buy, Affinity and Samba are answering this call, redefining how advertisers connect and captivate audiences, guaranteeing unmatched returns and reach." 

Through the partnership with Affinity Solutions, Samba TV’s advertising partners are now able to plan and optimize omniscreen media across all leading programmatic platforms with precision linked directly to tangible business outcomes. Brands and advertisers will next be able to leverage Samba TV conversion and lift measurement alongside Affinity Solutions’ purchase data to assess the performance of linear, streaming, and digital media investments in driving actual purchases. 

"In today's fast-paced retail environment, it's imperative for brands to rely on precise and actionable data. Affinity Solutions' purchase data offers an unprecedented understanding of consumer behavior,” said National Retail Federation (NRF) Executive Director of Research Mark Matthews. “This collaboration with Samba TV sets a new industry standard, providing retailers with a robust, integrated view that translates directly into enhanced advertising efficacy and value."

About Samba TV 

Samba TV has transformed the TV from a pane of glass on the wall to a window into the heart of audiences. We are the global leader in television technology powering real-time insights and audience targeting to enable unparalleled marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Our proprietary first-party data from tens of millions of opted-in televisions, across more than 20 TV brands sold in over 100 countries, provides advertisers and media companies a unified view of the entire consumer journey. Our independent currency-grade measurement has future-proofed advertising for the next generation, empowering advertisers to connect with their audiences on any platform, across every screen. 

About Affinity Solutions   

Affinity Solutions (Affinity) is the leading consumer purchase insights company. We provide a comprehensive view of U.S. consumer spending, across and between brands, via exclusive access to fully permissioned data from over 140 million debit and credit cards. This data is transformed into actionable insights for marketers, consultancies, and financial services companies to drive market share and revenue growth. Affinity powers CometTM, a powerful data-led intelligence platform that enables marketers to effortlessly plan, activate, and measure media to purchase-based outcomes. To learn more about Affinity Solutions visit www.affinity.solutions.

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