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April 18, 2023

Samba TV Continues International Expansion, Launches First TV Measurement & Attribution Partnership in France with Admo.tv


Advertisers can access the most comprehensive CTV measurement solution in the French market

SAN FRANCISCO - April 18, 2023 - Samba TV, the global leader in television data and measurement, announced a new strategic partnership with Admo.tv, a European leader in TV Analytics, to bring a new measurement and attribution solution to the French market for the first time. This announcement comes on the heels of a record year of international growth and expansion in Samba TV’s European markets.

With more than 75% of France’s adult population embracing CTV content on digital viewing devices,* advertisers are demanding more sophisticated measurement and digital attribution for marketing effectiveness. The integration between the two companies delivers a unique solution that combines the best of Samba TV’s proprietary automatic content recognition (ACR) viewership data with Admo.tv’s industry-leading analytics suite. Advertisers can close the loop between targeting and measurement through rich first-party data and advanced analytics, ultimately enabling brands to achieve better ROI.

A joint study conducted with a global fortune 200 company in France demonstrated the power of Samba TV and Admo.tv’s solution to deliver greater marketing efficiency across linear TV and OTT. A 10% higher engagement rate was achieved with a 12.7% increase in efficiency through accurate measurement of true reach and frequency, which also enabled the advertiser to reach digital audiences at an acquisition cost 12.3 times lower than that of linear TV. The advertiser accessed custom analytics and digital attribution at a deeper and more granular level than ever before to minimise waste and unlock more value from their media investment.

“With viewership behavior changing at a rapid pace, measurement has never been more important. Advertisers must be armed with reliable, holistic, and precise data that connects across all screens and platforms to achieve their desired TV performance outcomes,” said David Barker, Senior Vice President of International Sales at Samba TV. “France is one of the most advanced CTV markets in Europe and we are proud to partner with one of its leading companies to provide an innovative approach to measurement and attribution that bridges linear TV and CTV.”

“This partnership with Samba TV is the most accurate CTV measurement solution in the French market today," said Pierre Figeat, Co-Founder of Admo.tv. “The combined impact of our analytics suite and Samba TV’s first-party ACR viewership data is a game-changer for brands looking to measure and optimise with greater precision and scale in a fragmented ecosystem.”

 *Source: Captify, a search intelligence platform, and GroupM(WPP group)

About Samba TV

Samba TV has transformed the TV from a pane of glass on the wall to a window into the heart of audiences. We are the global leader in television data and technology powering real-time insights and audience targeting to enable unparalleled marketing efficiency and effectiveness. The company’s proprietary first-party data from tens of millions of opted-in televisions, across more than 20 TV brands sold in over 100 countries, provides advertisers and media companies a unified view of the entire consumer journey. Our independent measurement has future-proofed advertising for the next generation, empowering advertisers to connect with their audiences on any platform, across every screen.


Admo.tv, a European leader in TV Analytics, provides brands and media agencies a SaaS solution dedicated to the monitoring, impact measurement and online amplification of TV campaigns. Thanks to its patented technologies, Admo.tv detects all TV spots in real time and identifies the audience who reacted to them by visiting their website/mobile app. Since 2015, Admo.tv maximizes the ROI of TV campaigns for more than 500brands in Europe and turns TV into a powerful acquisition tool.

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