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January 8, 2024

Samba TV and HyphaMetrics Announce Exclusive Integration of Viewership Data and Cross-media Panel to Form the Most Unified Dataset in the Market


The groundbreaking partnership offers brands, agencies, publishers, and currency providers granularity at scale, commingling Samba TV’s big TV data with HyphaMetrics’ person-level panel data


SAN FRANCISCO - January 8, 2023 - Samba TV, the leading provider of TV technology for audience data and omniscreen measurement, today announced its partnership with HyphaMetrics, the sole independent cross-media, cross-walled-garden dataset designed to unify the historically disconnected worlds of linear, streaming, and digital. Together, this partnership marks the industry’s introduction of a scaled first-party TV and streaming viewership dataset, calibrated by the most comprehensive person-level viewing panel that seamlessly and simultaneously measures all content, viewed by all people, across all devices in the home. 

“This unique partnership between Samba TV and HyphaMetrics is a significant step in the urgent drive for real measurement reinvention across the video industry,” said VAB President and CEO Sean Cunningham. “This innovative dataset offering should prove to be a crucial accelerator, one that is capable of turning today’s ambitions for best comprehensive measurement solutions into an achieved reality for 2024.” 

The partnership will exclusively leverage Samba TV’s first-party data in the U.S., pulling from millions of opted-in televisions calibrated by HyphaMetric’s complete and individualized measurement of all content, ad consumption, product placement, and brand sponsorship across all devices through its opt-in panel. By combining Samba TV’s robust viewership data with HyphaMetrics’ patented and proprietary artificial intelligence-fueled panel data, the advertising industry will gain unprecedented access to a unified dataset, offering census-level data with person-level granularity. The cross-validated dataset can be leveraged across the media marketplace to activate interoperability, thereby increasing flexibility and utility of existing data. 

“Advertisers, media publishers, and their currency providers navigate a complex landscape of data that often excludes walled gardens, and shortchanges under-represented viewing audiences,” said Samba TV Co-founder and CEO Ashwin Navin. “Together with HyphaMetrics, we are now able to offer to our industry a more robust and representative dataset that will be foundational to measurement companies and the future of TV currency.” 

The commingled multi-million device dataset will be made available to brands, agencies, publishers, and currency providers, offering insights, planning, and measurement at the household and person level. This includes previously difficult to measure behaviors, including person-level and co-viewing of linear and streaming TV, multichannel video programming distributors (MVPD), user-generated content (UGC), broadcast-only households, video games, and more. 

“We are excited to provide a new and unprecedented level of detail that, in combination with Samba TV’s data, will fulfill the cumulative industry demand of granularity at scale,” said HyphaMetrics CEO Chris Wilson. 

HyphaMetrics Co-founder and President Joanna Drews adds, “Hypha’s longstanding goal is to accelerate the activation of interoperability— for our clients and for the industry at large. Together with Samba TV, we are making this a reality.”

About HyphaMetrics

HyphaMetrics provides a unified understanding of media behavior that evolves at the speed of culture. We serve as the objective technology standard globally for the precise measurement of media at the individual level. Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to analyze and optimize advertising and video content for media executives overseeing content, ads, brand sponsorships, and product placements, we cost-efficiently support interoperability across the entire media ecosystem serving measurement companies, brands, agencies, and media publishers.


About Samba TV‍

Samba TV has transformed the TV from a pane of glass on the wall to a window into the heart of audiences. We are the global leader in television technology powering real-time insights and audience targeting to enable unparalleled marketing efficiency and effectiveness. Our proprietary first-party data from tens of millions of opted-in televisions, across more than 20 TV brands sold in over 100 countries, provides advertisers and media companies a unified view of the entire consumer journey. Our independent currency-grade measurement has future-proofed advertising for the next generation, empowering advertisers to connect with their audiences on any platform, across every screen.

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