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September 11, 2016

Samba TV Launches TV-to-Digital Sync Platform in Europe Empowering Brands to Measure and Extend TV Advertising in Real Time


Real Time Cross-Platform Media and Analytics Company Opens European HQ in London and Names Sky Executive Hitesh Bhatt Head of EMEA Sales

San Francisco, September 12, 2016 – Samba TV, the leading provider of real-time audience driven advertising and media analytics, today announced the launch of its Sync and Retarget digital ad buying platform for the UK market.

To support these expanded service offerings, Samba TV has appointed Hitesh Bhatt to serve as its regional vice president for EMEA and has designated its London office as its European headquarters.

Sync and Retarget, which has been available in the US since 2014, makes TV audiences addressable on their digital devices, like smart phones, tablets and PCs, while they are watching TV and for a period of time afterwards. European advertisers will now be able to deepen their engagement with viewers already exposed to their TV commercials, as well as tailor their message to cord cutters and non-linear viewers by using the platform to segment each group.

“Samba has helped hundreds of advertisers, including some of the largest brands in the word, standout in an extremely fragmented marketplace,” said Ashwin Navin, CEO of Samba TV. “The wide variety of programs, platforms and devices that consumers have at their fingertips provide them with total control over the entertainment experience. This is a challenge we help our clients understand and overcome in North America and now we are excited to do so in Europe as well.”

Advertisers use Sync and Retarget to truly “own the room” by extending their TV messaging to digital platforms, increasing brand awareness and deepening consumer engagement. Samba TV currently works with hundreds of major brands worldwide, including more than 100 of the Fortune 500.

The company has established a new office to serve as its European headquarters in London, which will be led by Hitesh Bhatt when he joins Samba TV in October. Bhatt assumes responsibility for driving new partnerships with brands and agencies looking to capture this unique targeting opportunity. He joins a worldwide brand partnerships team headed by CRO Dan Ackerman, who recently joined the company from AOL. Hitesh brings with him significant business development experience as the Digital Revenue and Strategy Controller for BSkyB, as well as previous positions with Sizmek, Microsoft and Viacom.

Samba TV has also hired Jay Fowdar as its European director of product. Fowdar will oversee the development of Samba’s real-time audience driven advertising and media analytics solutions in Europe, working closely with advertisers and agencies to provide actionable data insights in these new markets. Fowdar joins Samba TV after ten years of working in digital display advertising at Byyd-Tech, Yell.com and Advertising.com. He has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, with a solid understanding of machine learning, algorithms and big data.

In addition to its European headquarters in London, Samba TV intends to significantly grow its teams across each of the key media markets in Europe and in Warsaw, where the company has already built a substantial product development and engineering presence.

About Samba TV

Samba TV is a cross-platform media and analytics company that provides a real time understanding of TV viewership – and its impact on consumer behavior and purchase – as it truly is.

Embedded in millions of smart TVs, Samba TV’s technology lets consumers discover and watch the shows they love while giving brands a holistic view of content and advertising consumption across broadcast and cable TV, OTT, apps and digital. Pairing Samba TV’s second-by-second, first party, TV viewership insight with its household device map, Samba TV helps brands run TV-synchronized digital ads and confidently chart the consumer path to purchase, from online to offline, to make informed media buying decisions. Using a nationwide, census like panel that is fully representative of the U.S. population, Samba TV measures TV and digital ad exposure over time for the same household. Samba TV’s proprietary household device map totals more than 185 million devices, including smart TVs, set top boxes, smartphones and other connected devices. For more information, please visit platform.samba.tv or follow @samba_tv on Twitter.

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