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October 15, 2014

BrightLine and Samba TV Partner to Provide In-App Rich Media Advertising in Connected TVs


NEW YORK — BrightLine, the leading provider of rich media advertising solutions on TV, has partnered with Samba TV, the leading publisher of Smart TV apps and multiscreen advertising, to deliver rich interactive advertising across 70+ connected TV apps in over 118 countries and 30 MM screens.

BrightLine and Samba TV integrated BrightLine’s best-in-class interactive TV ad products, known as UXTV™, into Samba TV’s extensive, connected TV app portfolio, unlocking a suite of rich, interactive advertising capabilities marketers can now add to their CTV video buys with Samba TV. UXTV™ ads feature on-demand video libraries, interactive games and galleries, live social feeds from all major social networks, the ability to share with a click of remote control, and even the ability to purchase.

“The promise of Smart TV 1.0 was to make the viewing experience more personal, engaging and interactive,” said Ashwin Navin, CEO of Samba TV. “We know Smart TV 1.0 only delivered pre-roll with no advances over traditional TV. With the ecosystem we are forming with companies like BrightLine we are forging Smart TV 2.0, with break-through interactive formats on the prime screen and synchronized messages on the secondary screens. People can connect more meaningfully with the brands and messages they care about.”

BrightLine’s media experiences bring unparalleled engagement performance married with massive scale and diversity of inventory from Samba TV’s premium portfolio of apps. Additionally advertisers will receive robust campaign performance analytics from this partnership.

“Opening inventory for advertisers on the screen that viewers trust the most – the television – regardless of which device or app they are using to view content is a vital piece of the puzzle,” said Rob Aksman, BrightLine’s co-founder and Chief Experience Officer. “Partnering with Samba TV provides advertisers and agencies with the reach and scale they need to move their connected TV strategy from ‘test and learn’ to a natural, scalable extension of interactive video/rich media plans.”

For over a decade, BrightLine has seen demand for interactive TV advertising experiences that engage viewers beyond the 30-second spot, with connected TV heralding in a new era of advanced digital functionality and the analytics marketers want. Samba TV and BrightLine are joining together to provide THE scalable connected TV solution for marketers looking to purchase rich media connected TV advertising via a one-stop buy across an array of popular apps and all CTV devices on 30 MM screens in over 118 countries.

About BrightLine

BrightLine is the lead innovator and global provider of rich media solutions on TV. BrightLine’s universal design and execution framework is fueled by data-driven experiences proven to increase consumer engagement, brand recall and sales. The Company works across the entire TV ecosystem including agencies, networks, digital publishers and the largest global advertisers within the TV environment by bringing one of the key competitive advantages of the Internet to TV advertising – cross screen “rich media for TV” ad products to over 90 million households. Through BrightLine’s suite of UXTV™ ad products, the company transforms passive 30-second commercials into dynamic, superior video for rich viewer-driven brand interactions. BrightLine’s proprietary IQ™ software suite aggregates consumer behavior trends and historical results to inform the design implementation of integrated advertising experiences. BrightLine’s platform agnostic solutions launch across all connected and legacy television platforms, including cable and satellite, telco companies, connected devices and smart TVs. Learn more about how BrightLine is revolutionizing advertising at www.brightline.tv or follow them on Twitter @BrightLine_TV

About Samba TV

Founded in 2008, Samba TV delivers a more engaging TV experience through its portfolio of applications and TV platform technologies. Samba TV publishes more Smart TV apps than any other company in the world and is a product and service of Free Stream Media Corp. Its home-grown automatic content recognition (ACR) platform seamlessly connects Smart TVs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones via a web browser to instantly deliver contextually relevant information to viewer’s second screens. Samba TV’s software and applications are currently available on over 30 million screens in 118 countries. For more information, please visit https://platform.samba.tv or follow @samba_tv on Twitter.

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