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December 16, 2020

Samba TV Reports Strong Growth and Continued Momentum in 2020


SAN FRANCISCO, CA - December 16, 2020 -- Samba TV, the leading provider of global TV data and audience analytics, today announced it achieved another record year in 2020, surpassing 2019 figures and achieving more than $100 million in revenue globally. Samba TV’s success comes in the face of headwinds created by the global pandemic, an event that led to historic shifts in the TV industry as audiences migrated to streaming at a faster than expected rate. 

“Samba TV is on a mission to fundamentally transform the television viewing experience,” said Ashwin Navin, Co-founder and CEO of Samba TV. “With our technology and opted-in users, we generate the world’s largest end-to-end television viewership data, insights panel, and identity graph, powering the future of television engagement. Our technology and innovation is shaping the next wave of consumer viewing insights, a foundation for strong partnerships and long-term growth.” 

Samba TV laid the groundwork for this year with investments across the business, continued global expansion in Europe and APAC, and the addition of partnerships with several industry-leading companies. Following partnership announcements with Google, Twitter, and Oracle Moat in 2019, the company executed global TV data partnerships with Disney, TiVo, Comscore, MiQ, Catalina, The Trade Desk, and Amazon Web Services in 2020. 

Samba TV also announced the successful launch of its Analytics Dashboard, following a beta program that included global adoption by several Fortune 500s. The dashboard’s suite of metrics for campaign reporting and forecasting provides leading advertisers the industry’s most accurate TV data at their fingertips, allowing them to optimize campaigns and maximize ROI across TV, Connected TV (CTV) and digital advertising. 

An additional highlight for Samba TV this year was the launch of its inaugural State of Viewership Report in October 2020, a new quarterly research report that provides an overview of television, movie, CTV and advertising viewership internationally. 

“We are redefining the television model of the past half century, delivering truth to media buyers and sellers who for decades were substantially removed from consumers and could only understand them through very small, offline panels. When consumers provide direct connectivity to the devices we use to consume video at scale, marketers can drive the kind of relevant, data-driven advertising they depend on from digital campaigns,” said Navin. 

Samba TV’s technology is integrated at the chipset level into millions of Smart TVs globally, providing powerful first-party, opted-in data on television viewership across linear and Connected TV environments. Samba TV partners with 20 of the world’s most prominent television manufacturers, the most in the industry, providing a truly holistic view of television audiences. The company’s global scale enables it to provide far deeper insights and analytics due to the size of its television panel - one that is 100 times larger than legacy models.  

“We are building a future where the consumer experience is paramount. Our technology helps navigate today’s increasingly fragmented television landscape, improving the quality of the viewing experience, expanding access to free content and televisions subsidized by media while empowering consumers to control their data and manage their privacy when connecting with the content they love. We could not be more excited for the future of television,” concluded Navin. 

About Samba TV

Samba TV enables the next generation TV experience powered by its first-party data, helping viewers engage with relevant media and empowering brand marketers to quantify that engagement. Samba TV's insights are built on the world's most comprehensive source of real-time viewership data across broadcast, cable, over-the-top, and digital media. Invented in 2011, Samba TV’s ACR is integrated at the chipset level across 20 of the top Smart TV brands globally (the most in the industry) analyzing the content on screen in real-time, regardless of source. Samba TV delivers unbiased, comprehensive viewership data addressable through more than a billion devices around the world. The world’s leading brands leverage Samba TV to quantify media investments and amplify them across all the screens we use to watch video. For more information, please visit www.samba.tv.

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