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January 6, 2021

Samba TV Announces Real-time Picture Quality Innovation Powered by Artificial Intelligence for Gaming, Movies, and Sports


The Initiative is Supported by Global Brands like Toshiba, Hitachi, JVC and Telefunken

SAN FRANCISCO – January  6, 2021 – Samba TV, the leading provider of global TV data and audience analytics, and Vestel Group, an industry-leading manufacturer of some of the world’s leading TV brands, announced today an innovation partnership to introduce a groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Picture Perfect℠, that optimizes picture quality in real time for gaming, live sports, movies and more. 

Picture Perfect℠, designed to be embedded within the TV, will recognize and optimize the quality of the content playing on the screen in real time, with or without an internet connection. This groundbreaking technology leverages machine learning on the edge device, and allows consumers the ability to experience all of the second-by-second action across the industry’s highest quality TVs and gaming consoles, with privacy-by-design.

An innovation partner for Picture Perfect℠ is Vestel, an industry-leading manufacturer of worldwide brands like Toshiba, Hitachi, JVC, and Telefunken. A long-time partner of Samba TV, Vestel has been working with the company on this industry-first initiative as it continues to deliver best-in-class technologies to consumers.

“Smart TV hardware today integrates truly amazing display technology and algorithms for picture quality enhancement,” said Samba TV Co-founder and CEO Ashwin Navin. “The promise of AI is to make our lives easier and, within the living room, we believe AI should remove the manual steps of setting up your television for the best viewing experience for sports and all of the latest movies and video games. We are excited about the collaboration with Vestel, a company that develops world-class TVs, to join us in this endeavor.” 

"Vestel is devoted to providing the most advanced picture quality in the market," stated Vestel Deputy General Manager of Marketing and Product Management Barış Altınkaya. "The Samba TV Picture Perfect℠ technology offers the potential for a groundbreaking viewing experience for our TVs and all of the picture quality technology Vestel has created over decades across our devices."

With ever improving features on TVs like Motion Smoothing and Variable Refresh rates, many consumers today unknowingly watch their favorite content with these settings enabled often resulting in what’s known as the “Soap Opera Effect.” While intended to help create a sharper image, the frame calculation can often be inappropriately applied and the content can look strange as a result. Samba TV Picture Perfect℠ automatically detects the content type and optimizes the picture settings in real time, regardless of internet connection or technical knowledge. This solves the Soap Opera Effect problem for users, automatically enabling higher refresh rates when needed and disabling when not, ensuring they have the best viewing experience at all times. 

“AI will transform our lives for the better, bringing us closer to whatever we love and enhancing the human experience in profound ways,” said Navin. “AI-powered innovation at the edge, within the TV itself, ushers in a new era for Smart TVs and the living room experience. We’re excited about the capability to utilize AI in this industry-first technology to enhance picture quality as well as the many other features we are working to unlock with AI in the coming years.”

Virtual Demo Event

Samba TV will be hosting a virtual demo of this product January 6-15, 2021 for partners and clients to experience the Picture Perfect℠ product in action. If you are interested in attending the demo, please register here: https://samba.tv/picture-perfect.

About Samba TV

Samba TV enables the next generation TV experience powered by its first-party data, helping viewers engage with relevant media and empowering brand marketers to quantify that engagement. Samba TV’s insights are built on the world’s most comprehensive source of real-time viewership data across broadcast, cable, over-the-top, and digital media. Invented in 2011, Samba TV’s ACR is integrated at the chipset level across 20 of the top Smart TV brands globally (the most in the industry) analyzing the content on screen in real-time, regardless of source. Samba TV delivers unbiased, comprehensive viewership data addressable through more than a billion devices around the world. The world’s leading brands leverage Samba TV’s patented technology to quantify media investments and amplify them across all the screens we use to watch video. For more information, please visit www.samba.tv

About Vestel Group

Comprised of 28 companies, Vestel Group is a multi-industry manufacturer that operates in consumer electronics, home appliances, professional displays, LED lighting, and EV Chargers. Testimony to the global importance of Zorlu Holding across multiple technology sectors, Vestel is not only thriving at home in Turkey, but also through a further 10 subsidiaries that have been set up in various other parts of the world. Thanks to its renowned manufacturing and R&D complex, Vestel exports to 157 countries and keeps its position as a global player.

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