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March 31, 2021

Samba TV and 605 Partner to Create An Unparalleled Omniscreen Addressable TV Footprint


The Exclusive Partnership Provides A Targeting Solution for Connected TV, Over-the-top, and Linear Audiences At Scale

SAN FRANCISCO – Samba TV, a global leader in omniscreen advertising and analytics, today announced a partnership with 605, a leading television measurement and analytics company. The deal provides Samba TV with exclusive addressable access to a subset of 605’s TV viewership dataset and is part of Samba TV’s continued global investment to broaden the reach and representation of its unrivaled dataset across tens of millions of households throughout the United States. The partnership will enable precise targeting capabilities across over-the-top (OTT) streaming and linear audiences for omniscreen reach.

Samba TV’s addressable footprint will now exceed more than 46 million opted-in TVs globally, of which 28 million devices are in the U.S. across all 210 DMAs. The partnership will enable precise targeting capabilities actionable within Connected TV campaigns, as well as display and video advertising on all of the connected devices within the home, for unmatched omniscreen targeting to improve effectiveness, deduplicated and unimpeded, by time-shifting and ad-skipping.

Samba TV’s proprietary automatic content recognition (ACR) technology is integrated at the chipset level with 24 of the top Smart TV brands globally, fingerprinting all content that appears on the TV screen. By comparing those fingerprints to Samba TV’s global reference library of shows, commercials, movies, and video games, the resulting dataset forms the world’s largest global TV panel and most accurate global ad schedule. Using proprietary identity resolution at the household level, Samba TV integrates its first-party TV data with other major set-top box manufacturers for the most comprehensive and at-scale household-level targeting.

“With significant disruption in the advertising landscape, we are excited to provide marketers a  platform that delivers massive scale in reach, precision in targeting, and transparency into performance so that they can confidently invest in campaigns as new streaming options emerge, viewing behaviors rapidly shift, and advertising identities disappear,” said Samba TV Co-founder and CEO Ashwin Navin. “Samba TV’s first-party data, augmented by this exclusive partnership with 605, provides our customers access to a comprehensive end-to-end view into the effectiveness of advertising across all of the screens we use to watch video.”

605 offers advertising and content measurement, full-funnel attribution, media planning, and optimization in an anonymized and privacy-compliant manner and has agreed to provide Samba TV with exclusive addressable access to a subset of its viewership data.

“We are pleased to partner with Samba TV around privacy-compliant omniscreen targeting,” said 605 Founder and CEO Kristin Dolan. “605 has built advanced technologies around our viewership data that allows brands to more simply and effectively reach the right audiences. This partnership with Samba is a positive move to further that objective.”

Samba TV offers advertisers and content providers omniscreen advertising solutions leveraging diversified and comprehensive privacy-compliant TV data. More than 1,000 brands including over 70 percent of those included on AdAge’s list of “World’s Largest Advertisers: 25 Biggest Spenders in 2020” leverage Samba TV’s exclusive audience, insights, and analytics offered through its at-scale platform.

About Samba TV

Samba TV enables the next generation TV experience powered by its first-party data, helping viewers engage with relevant media and empowering brand marketers to quantify that engagement. Samba TV’s insights are built on one of the most comprehensive sources of real-time viewership data across broadcast, cable, over-the-top, and digital media. Invented in 2011, Samba TV’s ACR is integrated at the chipset level across 24 of the top Smart TV brands globally (the most in the industry) analyzing the content on screen in real-time, regardless of source. Samba TV delivers unbiased, comprehensive viewership data addressable through more than a billion devices around the world. The world’s leading brands leverage Samba TV to quantify media investments and amplify them across all the screens we use to watch video. For more information, please visit www.samba.tv.

About 605

605 is an independent TV measurement and analytics firm that offers advertising and content measurement, full-funnel attribution, media planning, optimization and analytical solutions on top of our deterministic TV viewership dataset covering more than 21 million U.S. households across all 210 DMAs. The firm’s multi-source viewership dataset offers whole-home TV viewing visibility by combining the best attributes of set-top box and ACR data. 605 is unique in that our multi-source viewership dataset supports 100% deterministic and matchable household  level data while being reportable second by second with currency grade national and local projections methodologies, all in a privacy compliant manner.

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