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September 24, 2013

Flingo is now Samba TV, Launches New Brand and Website


Unveiled at Advertising Week’s AWE event, name change and website reflect new features and advertising capabilities.

San Francisco, Calif. – September 23, 2013 – Flingo, a leading publisher of Smart TV apps and Smart TV advertising, today unveiled its new company name and website, Samba TV located at platform.samba.tv. The re-brand reflects the company’s growth in the Smart TV industry, having signed contracts with leading players throughout the ecosystem including TV and set-top box manufacturers, advertisers, content publishers and broadcasters. Samba TV’s proprietary technology is built directly into the TV or set-top box to rapidly recognize onscreen content – live or time-shifted – and make relevant information available to a nearby second screen. This interactive feature closes the gap between linear television and the Web, empowering viewers and opening up revenue opportunities for other players. Samba TV’s key services include:

  • An all-access pass to behind-the-scenes content from your favorite TV shows and actors. By connecting phones or tablets to the TV, viewers gain access to exclusive content and special offers. Also, as they flip through channels, related online videos or similar TV programs are automatically recommended.
  • Exclusive videos TV and set-top box manufacturers’ ticket to bringing all the hottest Internet videos directly to Smart TVs, allowing them to provide their customers with access to over 80 channels and thousands of online videos.
  • Sponsorship enables major advertisers to build a direct relationship with viewers and present additional information to interested viewers directly on the TV itself or any device synchronized with it.

“Our brand is about more than our name – it’s about what we believe in. In the last few years, we made huge strides in our industry, winning hearts as we strove to make TV better,” said Ashwin Navin, CEO and co-founder of Samba TV. “Our new brand resembles a heart reflecting those efforts and represents the best things about TV: everything from laughing with your friends to anticipating what happens on the next episode. We create our products to make these moments more memorable, and if we are successful, it benefits everyone in the value chain – from the consumer to the device manufacturer and everyone in between.” For more information on Samba TV and its services, visit samba.tv.

About Samba TV

Founded in 2008, Samba TV delivers a more engaging TV experience through its portfolio of applications and TV platform technologies. Samba TV publishes more Smart TV apps than any other company in the world and is a product and service of Free Stream Media Corp. Its home-grown automatic content recognition (ACR) platform seamlessly connects Smart TVs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones via a web browser to instantly deliver contextually relevant information to viewer’s second screens. Samba TV’s software and applications are currently available on over 30 million screens in 118 countries. For more information, please visit https://platform.samba.tv or follow @samba_tv on Twitter.

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